My childhood didn't prepare me for this

My childhood never prepared me for this. (Once Upon a Time) Then again, I don't think anyone's childhood prepared them for this.

Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent, Percy Jackson, Narnia, and The Fault in Our Stars

Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent, Percy Jackson, Narnia and the Fault in Our Stars. I wouldn't have the Fault in Our Stars.


Tfios “You see, we may not look like much but between the three of us we have five legs, four eyes and two and a half working pairs of lungs but we also have two dozen eggs so if I were you, I would go back inside.” The fault in our stars quote and fanart


People shouldn't make these edits, they hit me in the feels. Allegiant is the saddest book it made me cry I'm so sad she died poor Tobias

This is the new poster for what is predicted to be the final Fast and Furious film. OH GOD MY HEART!!!! THE FEELSSSS!!!!

The Furious 7 Poster Is Somber, Emotional And Perfect

Fast and Furious 7 Movie Poster x (Thick) Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Michelle Rodriguez

"Becoming fearless isn't the point."

"Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it. That's the point." ~ Four

Fast and Furious

'Fast & Furious 7' writer working on a 'fitting' exit story for Paul Walker

A great actor has gone. RIP Paul Walket, and a nice car! Btw it's the online Nissan that i like.

PAUL WALKER @paulwwalkermemorial Instagram photos | Webstagram

Paul was like a true brother to Dom. Dom misses Paul so much, each and every day.