Tree of skulls

"Christmas Tree Halloween Tree " probably you never thought of this idea. Halloween trees are a thing, and our holiday-obsessed hearts are filled with joy.


paint dollar tree plastic skull chalk black or matte and then embellish with high gloss designs

In case you haven't noticed xD

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Jack of the dust skull

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Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead~ DIY inspiration: Recycled window with a sugar skull mosaic design.

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Rustic horned sheep skull which was ethically sourced >-> <-< Delicately collaged by hand with brilliant florals >-> <-< Metallic based gold

Beautiful work by Alain Bellino #skull #skullart

asylum-art: “ Alain Bellino Art Alain Bellino was born in Nice in In the he discovered the world of metal and ornamentation. The ornament that is torn from its original support then.