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People Who Changed Me

People Who Changed Me

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Rich Mullins

  • Marylou Hurst
    Marylou Hurst

    Awesome! Great to see someone else appreciate Rich! Did you ever see him live?

  • Maisie Britton
    Maisie Britton

    No-he died the year I was born. I grew up listening to his music though and it still impacts me to this day Marylou Hurst

this is why Jennifer Lawrence deserves all the awards.

This is a beautiful story about a woman accepting the birth of a baby that wasn't who she expected her to be.

  • Amber Heinz Schwingler
    Amber Heinz Schwingler

    This story is so moving!

  • Sherry Lovett
    Sherry Lovett

    What a beautiful family,, you are blessed! ❤

  • Tyna Garza
    Tyna Garza

    truly a beautiful story


Anne Marie Murphy

Lauren Rousseau (30) “She had so many interests — music, dance, theater,” her mother said.

Who they were: Connecticut school shooting victims - Los Angeles Times

Irena Sendler got permission to work in the Warsaw Ghetto as a plumber. She courageously smuggled babies in her tool box and carried larger children in her sack. She also trained her dog to bark when the Nazi soldiers were near, which muffled the sounds of the crying children. She helped save more than 2,500 children & was eventually caught & tortured. Sendler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but was not selected. Al Gore won for his presentation on global warming.

Victoria Soto (27) Killed shielding her students. She was an amazing young woman, who died a hero. Some of her favorite things include: Flamingos, the New York Yankees #11, and, most importantly, Christmas, as she was the only one allowed to pick out the tree and put up the lights. Vicki also leaves behind her loving dog Roxie, who waited for her to come home everyday, and is still waiting, lost without her.

Victoria Soto: Sandy Hook teacher who wanted to mould young minds

Allison Wyatt Allison Wyatt was a kind-hearted little girl who formed special bonds with almost everyone she met. She'd surprise her family with her random acts of kindness - once even o ffering her snacks to a stranger on a plane, her family recalled. She loved her teachers and her family. Sometimes, she'd make her parents laugh so hard they cried. She wanted to be an artist, and her drawings would be taped to the walls as if the house were an art studio.

Allison Wyatt Obituary on

Benjamin Wheeler (6) He loved the local soccer program, often running across the field long after it was actually necessary, but always smiling and laughing as he moved the ball nearly always at full tilt. He was becoming a strong swimmer and loved his lessons. Ben was also a member of Tiger Scout Den 6 which met at the Sandy Hook Volunteer Firehouse. Earlier in December, Ben performed at his piano recital. He loved The Beatles, lighthouses, and the number 7 train to Sunnyside, Queens.

Benjamin Wheeler's Obituary on GreenwichTime

Avielle Richman

Avielle Richman Obituary on

Caroline Previdi (6) Caroline loved to draw and dance. Her smile brought happiness to everyone she touched.

Caroline Previdi's Obituary on News Times

James Mattioli (6) James loved baseball, basketball, swimming, arm wrestling and playing games on the iPad. He loved to wear shorts and t-shirts in any weather, and grab the gel to spike his hair. He would often sing at the top of his lungs and once asked, "How old do I have to be to sing on a stage?" James loved to dive off the diving board at the Treadwell Pool, swim like a fish in both of his grandparents' pools and ride his bike, proudly without training wheels.

James Mattioli's Obituary on StamfordAdvocate

Ana Marquez-Greene (6)

Ana Marquez-Greene Obituary on

Chase Kowalski (7) He was a fun loving energetic boy that had a true love of life. He completed his first triathlon at the age of six and ran in many community road races. Chase had a deep love for the game of baseball and enjoyed practicing with his father and team mates. Joining the cub scouts was just one of his many interests. He could often be found in the yard playing ball, riding his bike or quad. Chase was always excited to attend the kids work shop at the Trumbull Home Depot.

Chase Kowalski's Obituary on Connecticut Post

Madeleine Hsu (6)

Madeleine Hsu Obituary on

Josephine Gay (7)

Josephine Gay's Obituary on News Times

Jesse Lewis (6)

Connecticut Victims: 'Bubbly,' 'Joyful' Children, Principal

Dylan Hockley (6) Everyone who met Dylan fell in love with him. He loved to cuddle, play tag every morning at the bus stop with our neighbors, bounce on the trampoline, play computer games, watch movies, the color purple, seeing the moon and eating his favorite foods, especially chocolate. He was learning to read and was so proud when he read us a new book every day. He adored his big brother Jake, his best friend and role model.

Jack Pinto (6) Jack was an avid participant in a wide variety of activities including flag football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and snow skiing. Jack was an incredibly loving and vivacious young boy, appreciated by all who knew him for his lively and giving spirit and steely determination. In life and in death, Jack will forever be remembered for the immeasurable joy he brought to all who had the pleasure of knowing him, a joy whose wide reach belied his six short years.

Who they were: Connecticut school shooting victims - Los Angeles Times

Charlotte Bacon (6) Charlotte was an extraordinarily gifted six year old who filled her family each day with joy and love. The family will forever remember her beautiful smile, her energy for life, and the unique way she expressed her individuality, usually with the color pink. Charlotte never met an animal she didn't love and since the age of two wanted to be a veterinarian. She also enjoyed practicing Tae Kwon Do weekly with her dad and brother where she relished kicking and throwing punches!

Who they were: Connecticut school shooting victims - Los Angeles Times

Daniel Barden (7) Daniel played the drums in a band with his brother James and sister Natalie. Daniel also loved reading, swimming, soccer, foosball and chess.The Barden family issued a statement describing Daniel as “always smiling, unfailingly polite, incredibly affectionate, fair and so thoughtful towards others, imaginative in play, both intelligent and articulate in conversation: in all, a constant source of laughter and joy.”

Who they were: Connecticut school shooting victims - Los Angeles Times

Who they were: Connecticut school shooting victims - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times Jessica Rekos (6)“Jessica loved everything about horses. She devoted her free time to watching horse movies, reading horse books, drawing horses, and writing stories about horses. We had promised her she could have her very own horse when she turned 10. She asked Santa for new cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat. She was a creative, beautiful little girl who loved playing with her little brothers, Travis and Shane. S

Who they were: Connecticut school shooting victims - Los Angeles Times

Noah Pozner (6)Noah Pozner was very bright and mature. “The questions he kept asking me, highly technical questions about a lot of things,” said Pozner, like how appliances and electronics worked. “He was curious about everything in life.” Noah loved playing video games and was a social child, said Pozner, but he was also reserved, sometimes serious, and when he spoke to grown-ups “he would speak on an equal basis, like an adult.”

Who they were: Connecticut school shooting victims - Los Angeles Times

Who they were: Connecticut school shooting victims - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times Olivia Engel (6) She loved to dance,” Mr. Engel told Chris Jansing Monday. “She loved to be in theater. She loved to sing. She was a creative, outgoing, effervescent, lovely little girl.” Olivia was to be an angel in her church’s Christmas pageant.

Who they were: Connecticut school shooting victims - Los Angeles Times