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10 Tips For Longer, Thicker, Healthier Hair. Very poorly written article, but I will be trying a few of these, regardless of the grammatical errors.

Community Post: 20 Artsy Best Friend Pictures

20 Artsy Best Friend Pictures.. we're doing all of these when I come down! @Sabrina Majeed Majeed Lopez @jen McNally Evans Mulligan @Emma Zangs Zangs Sloan @Tiffany Hoover

How To: Soft Flat Iron Curls

How To: Soft Flat Iron Curls. This is my favorite hair tutorial. She explains this so easily and perfectly!

How to Get Instagram-Worthy Hair

6 Easy Labor Day Hairstyles—No Labor Required

Celtic Knot The great thing about this braid is that it looks more intricate than it actually is—here’s a great tutorial.

8 Hairstyles that Will Make His Jaw Drop | Real Men Chose Their Favs! | Valuable Junk from an Urban Cowgirl