One of my favorite things in the world to do is just float in the calm warm Caribbean Sea with my eyes closed and face toward the sky. Just like this picture. There is nothing more calming.

Love @ Paris

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Pink and White Polka Dot Bikinis. The brunette is Colleen Corby, an American former model, best known for her work in Seventeen Magazine in the

grayed pastels

ginko leaves - i like the gingko tree - it is a holdover from dinosaur days. Some people don't care for the tree because its rotting fruit smells like vomit.


cutepugpics: What’s this about a thunder and hail storm in New York? Yeah, puggie is a little too busy to care right now! (via nyuszihercegno) Oh this pug& sleeping position totally reminds me of Sunny!


A pretty and feminine celadon green parasol would make a lovely prop for your wedding photos.


Blue Mason Jars with a vintage bicycle. My mother's bike had these baskets. ~ Mary Wald's Place - Ballerinas in the Countryside - emilybaker