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IdN™ Creators® — Rodrigo Machado (Lisbon, Portugal)

Rodrigo Machado 里斯本 葡萄牙 Adaptation 'Inadaptado' Infographic map about the film "Adaptation". This illustrated poster shows the characters' actions as well as the flashbacks and flashforwards in the film. Self-initiated project.

The Constructors of Formula 1. (Only one marque has participated in every season). Designed by PJ Tierney.

Personal project, looking back at the history of Formula One and the constructors that have competed in it, from the sport's inception in 1950 to the beginning of the 2012 season, 62 years later.These designs are unofficial and are not associated in any…

The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization: Visualizing political shifts: Data and interaction design

The New York Times has just published a very nice visualization (or " Sankey diagram " ; thanks for the reminder, Len DeGroot ) about ho.

Old-Growth Trees  The Redwoods are old, but the oldest tree on earth is, surprisingly, in Utah. Pando (also known as The Trembling Giant) is a rhizome of Aspen trees in southern Utah that all share the same roots. It (he? she? they?) dates back 80,000 years—and it's the heaviest living organism on earth.

Infographic of The Worlds Oldest Trees by Vienna-based graphic designer Michæl Paukner. The lines of this chart connect the world’s oldest trees to their geographical place of origin.

© David Foessel

To form these diagonal wooden columns, the architects used glue-laminated timber, a type of engineered wood formed by layering up multiple slices of wood and gluing them together.