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Tumblr Love Quotes - Love Quote Tumblr - Tumblr love quotes and pictures from Best Tumblr love quotes is a showcase of love quotes Tumblr and quotations about love on Tumblr. We collect the best & most-noted love pictures with quotes on...


knerzig: “ gemiblu: “ “ Different Types of Kisses French Kiss: Probably the most famous kiss there is, the French kiss is an open-mouthed kiss where one person’s tongue touches the other person’s...


looking at motocycle helmets, you had a 3 button shirt on, headphones on, and a smile to light up the world. Leaning back in your chair, man hands with slight softness, hair perfect with some hairspray, jeans, and a necklace.


Not dating at all can decrease your intimacy as married couples. Although you cannot date as often as you used to do because you need to devote more time for your children, you should find some time in your busy schedule to meet and date.

FASHION MEETS FILM: Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter Emma Ferrer

(This photo is an original of Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn shot by Richard Avedon.) Article about Audrey Hepburn’s granddaughter Emma Ferrer shot by Richard Avedon’s grandson Michael Avedon for Harper’s Bazaar September 2014

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