Make your own Chia Pets.  How fun.  So many different bottle caps available to make so many different options.

SPRING IS COMING :) Kids diy chia pet craft. Science, flowers, garden and planting ideas for kid's activities and learning.


Top 5 Pinterest Pins: DIY Easter Recipe and Crafts

Cute Idea for the adults Message in an Egg! egg: small holes in the oposite ends of raw egg using a needle. gently to remove excess; let dry. w/ plastic paints. message on a thin strip of paper, roll up & put in the larger hole of the egg.

shoe ties - I seriously used to lace up in the ladder formation. I only wish one of these would help my kid's shoes stay tied.

Cute! DIY button bracelets.

It's time for a giveaway again

diy enamel button bracelet jewellery tutorial Unless I miss my guess, this is some sort of rubber washer with a button slipped through. What a cool journal closure idea!

Leer hoe je gekrompen kleding weer terug naar de originele staat brengt met deze handige truc!

Unshrink your shrunk clothing! It takes baby shampoo, warm water and two large towels and of course drying time!

DIY | heidisonnenschein

DIY: criss cross bead bracelet, would be even better to do it with 22 shell casings!

DIY Confetti Vase how-to. earlier pinner: "Looks fun to do and to see finished. For a little ones hair things, so many possibilities. I like these for a party bowl"

Schoen veteren in 1 Second (ha!)

How to tie shoe laces in 1 second--great for kids who struggle with the other tying methods.

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