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Glues and Adhesives

Glues and Adhesives

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"ULTIMATE GLUE" A unique NON-TOXIC adhesive which BONDS to PLASTIC, METALS, PAINTED SURFACES & more! Usable as a LIQUID GLUE or as a CONTACT CEMENT! To use as a contact cement coat both surfaces, allow to dry clear & press together. REPLACES: Toxic solvent based glues, hot melt glue guns, rubber cement, ineffective craft tacky glues and epoxies. ADHERES TO: Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Vinyl, Fiberglass, painted wood, paper, leather and more! Available in 4, 8 & 16 oz six pks and cases

"BRUSH STROKES" Give dimension to your art! Crafter's Pick "Brush Strokes" seals & protect your arts and crafts with a gloss finish. Bonds to paper, cloth, wood, metal & ceramics & more. Available in Gloss Only! Acid Free & Non - Caustic Available in 4 oz six packs and cases

"JEWEL BOND" Crafter's Pick "JEWEL BOND" is a glue for gems, rhinestones, sequins, glitter and other decorative embellishments. Gives a permanent washable bond to fabric. Dries clear! Dries clear. Will not stain most fabrics. Use as a washable fabric glue as well as for gluing decorative embellishments. It's alright to hand wash it after 5 days. Available in 4 oz six packs and cases

"FABRIC GLUE" A GREAT permanent fabric glue. Gives a permanent bond to fabrics, is washable, flexible & dries clear. Will not stain most fabrics. May be hand washed one week after finishing project. NON-TOXIC CHILD SAFE