mother-daughter bridal shoot

Gold + Peach Mother & Daughter Bridal Inspiration

mariusu: “ tanryugさんの写真 ”

baby it's cold outside - mariusu: “ tanryugさんの写真 ”

「猫バス」なの? 「トトロ」なの?

" is THE funniest! I cried! The Loaf of Bread" (previous description on this link) . so NOT funny, people! This cat is way, way overweight and probably cannot care for itself properly. Fat cats are NOT funny! Or cute!

Cat Shrine...a place to worship them!

ozonebabys-temple: “ [[MORE]]A great Zen Buddhist master, who was in charge of the Mayu Kagi monastery, had a cat which was his true passion in life. So, during meditation classes, he kept the cat by.