Table made from a wine barrel. I think I would like wine corks instead of the beer caps though! Where to get a wine barrel?

32 ways to make furniture out of recycled materials - example - barrelchairs

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Many uses for recycled and reclaimed oil barrels. Make a chair or bench from an old barrel, repurpose as tables for indoors and out. Art made from oil vats.

Did you know that you could make beautiful home décor projects making use of old barrels? Well, they will look innovative and very interesting to work with. These large barrels will give a creative...

Barrel Reuse Ideas – A DIY Home Décor

recycled drum bench

Sweet Seat recycled drum bench - This bench is made of an upcycled 55 gallon drum lined with recycled bike tubes. The seat and base are fabricated from recycled wood from a deck, the drink holder is made from bike chain rings balanced by a bike pedal.

Make a beautiful coffee table out of an old barrel #woodworking #diyproject

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Cool things my (redditors) friend makes out of wine barrels - Imgur

Cool things my friend makes out of wine barrels