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What I'm Packing For Costa Rica!

Summer travel staples

Summer Travel - What to Pack Packing Pack lightly, then shove the rest of your stuff in your husbands suitcase and hope he doesnt notice. my-style-pinboard

101 Travel Tips: From How To Pack To Combatting Jet Lag

101 Travel Tips: From How To Pack To Combatting Jet Lag (except when you're travelling abroad you should never bring a hair dryer or a straightener.

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Travel: Packing outfits for a tropical trip

love this packing list for a beach vacay. I want these clothes. Then a beach vacation to wear them on!

Relaxed and comfy yet very nice style

Black Kozue dress + Helmut Lang Angora Floats Pullover + J.Crew Milano leather gladiator sandals + Leather Messenger Bag Shoulder Bag + Topshop Skull Multirow Necklace All of these things would be great!

Paris, France or Paris, Missouri, this is a great guide for several outfits with few items.

Packing A Suitcase Is No Easy Task

How to pack for Europe in a carry on suitcase only. (I would never take ONLY a carry on to Europe, but might be useful some day)



Formula/Chart for wardrobe planning on a trip: Neutral Basic Cloths + Bright Colors + Shoes + Accessories = Travel Clothes --- Packing Light

Summer Travel…packing options and travel tips

Summer Travel…packing options and travel tips

With summer travel upon us, it’s always a good idea to shore up on packing tips and outfit options…especially since, while I’m a self-proclaimed savvy packer, I usually end up ove…

Most of all, the perfect shoe array for spring/summer! Those are the basics then Have fun from there :/) Not all of the clothes necessarily but the basics are good.

what to pack / Europe edition (save your list and outfit ideas with the app Stylebook!) wish i was in Europe.

These shoes!

Pants: boho boho bohemian bohemian style loose shirt pattern patterns but with brown or tan colored, strappy, flat sandals instead of closed toe shoes