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Clare Owen

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Leonard Weisgard.

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karyn valino

Michael Carson

curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of michael carson

floral art from KT Smail

what kt does » PORTFOLIO

linework of Warsaw based designer and illustrator Agata Wierzbicka


Blommer by Clare Owen

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I love this activity! An art therapist I used to work with used to give clients an old fiction book for them to do this activity in, love it.

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'Clover', wood engraving, by Angie Lewin, nature, plant, flower, printmaking, illustration possible inspiration for a rug hooking project.

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Ercole Brini.

Movie Poster of the Day — Italian poster for SABRINA (Billy Wilder, USA,...

Kite Tails by Amy Friend

Kite Tails Quilt Pattern

Anish Kapoor

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power list

One moment please...

DIY Slitted Maxi Skirt

4 step DIY maxi skirt with optional slits

Carly Waito oil painting

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Landon Metz

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Chorus / Sacred Geometry <3

Devin Powers - Chorus |

how to draw jewels...

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paintings by amy judd

I need a guide: amy judd # update

a textile jellyfish installation by sayuri sasaki hemann <3

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Mary Blair

Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design

the color inside, 2013 • at the university of texas • james turrell

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Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1969

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Yaela Scalia

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