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some watercolors are sitting on top of a paper
Buckthorn Ink
someone is peeling leaves from a plant on a wooden table next to a white bowl
Fresh leaf indigo dyeing - the salt rub method - Rebecca Desnos
six bottles of black walnut ink sitting on top of a wooden table with the words how to make, bottle & label black walnut ink
How to Make, Bottle and Label DIY Black Walnut Ink - Lil Blue Boo
four pieces of fabric with tags attached to them on a white surface, each piece has a different type of label
Botanical dyeing on linen
an assortment of fruits and vegetables on a cloth covered table with stone flooring in the background
Dyeing with Avocado pits and skins!
acorns and iron with text overlay how to make black dye acorns + iron
How to make natural black dye with acorns - La creative mama
an ironing board with two linens hanging from it's sides, in front of a brick wall
Acorn Dye — Acre
a bowl of nuts and a spoon on a napkin next to some skeins
Acorn Dye — Acre
three tin cans are sitting next to each other on top of some metal wire and leaves
Iso Dye Club
an old rolled up piece of paper with leaves on it
The Iso Dye Club ecourse reflection
the book cover for the wild dyer by person with hands in a bucket full of garbage
The Wild Dyer: A guide to natural dyes & the art of patchwork & stitch by Abigail Booth | Waterstones
The Wild Dyer: A guide to natural dyes & the art of patchwork & stitch (Hardback)
the fabric has been stitched together with flowers and leaves on it, along with other material
notjustnat creative blog
notjustnat creative blog: beautiful texture made by eucalyptus seeds
a piece of art hanging on the side of a white brick wall next to a window
Shopper's Diary: Natural Flower Dyes and Silk Scarves, from Cara Marie Piazza - Gardenista
Natural Dyeing | Gardenista
a sign that says dyeing with acorns on it
Learn how to dye cotton with a natural, foraged acorn dye.