Your little pooch will love snuggling up in this cozy hot dog pet bed! Suitable for small breeds such as dachshunds and toy poodles. It has ...

Darling hot dog bed for a wiener dog. I do not have a Dachshund, but if I did.I would go out of my way to find this dog bed.

Very classy dog bed

Another great way for repurposing wine barrels! Learn how to make this wine barrel dog bed by viewing the full album at theownerbuilderne. Would your pampered pooch love this project?

Suitcase pet beds

Old suitcase pet beds.for my never allowed inside dog! But cute idea.

DIY dog crate pad for less than $12. The cover is removable and washable...

DIY Puppy Crate Pad for Travel Dog Kennels

Make an easy DIY dog crate pillow with a removable (therefore washable) cover. For my kitties and future puppies!

Awesome built-in dog bed - this would take a little time as a DIY project but looks doable.

Funny pictures about Awesome Built-In Dog Bed. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Built-In Dog Bed. Also, Awesome Built-In Dog Bed.

This delightful throne bed really did start with an old drawer!


I hope the DIY dog bed/princess throne from an old drawer has inspired you to make something fabulous for your pampered pooch.

Midwest dog crate cover - These are perfect to integrate the crates into the decor

Midwest dog crate cover - These are perfect to integrate the crates into the decor. Fair Romero Fair Romero Nix you need this!

This should be a simple DIY project - the bolster can be stuffed with anything soft, including plastic bags, as long as your dog is not inclined to chew.

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Plush Pet Cover with Bolster-Large - contemporary - pet accessories - - by Improvements Catalog

Lap pillow from a pair of old jeans...

20+ Fantastic Pet Bed ideas

Find Pillow Pet Beds and more for your furbaby. We've included a doggy sweater and a denim jeans pet lap plus the best diy pillow pet beds.

Made from PVC and tarp or drop cloth - like the shade feature...

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed