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Educational Videos for Kids Check hundreds of free science videos for kids.These animated videos teach all science lessons up-to secondary grade in interesting & engaging manner.

Educational Videos for Kids

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Bugs and Insects for Kindergarten,Preschool and Junior kids

Sound for Kids-Video

Sound for Kids - Sound Waves and Vibrations

Desert Plants and Animals adaptations -For Kids

Reflection & Refraction of Light for kids.

Reflection and Refraction of light - Introduction for kids

Acids and Bases -video for kids

Acids and Bases - Differences and Definition

Conductors and Insulators -for kids

Conductors and Insulators -Animation for kids

How electricity is generated -Unit for kids

How Electricity is produced - For Kids

Ions -Cations and Anions -Definition for kids

Science for Kids -In animation videos

Static and Current electricity lesson for kids

Static and Current Electricity Introduction for Kids

Producers,Consumers and Decomposers in pond ecosystem

Science for Kids -In animation videos

Pond Ecosystem for kids

Pond Ecosytem for kids

Learn about the difference between element and compounds by this simple animation video.

Toddlers can learn about the reason & difference between floating and sinking in this educational cartoon video.

What are Fossils....animation video for kids

Importance of Plants Lesson for kids

Biotic and Abiotic factors for kids

Harmful effects of Colas,Video games and Fast Food

Every Parent should watch it - Kids' Health...harmful effects of colas,video games and fast food!

Viddeo Lesson for kids

Maps and Directions -Easy learning for junior kids

Maps and Cardinal Directions

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