Altoids tins: what can you do with them?

Old Scottish saying: "Make it do, wear it out, use it up or do without." Surely these charming little metal tins can have second and third lives as functional, useful items.
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DIY Altoid Tin Prayer Boxes ❤︎ a sweet friend gave me one of these. I keep it on my desk and add prayers to it.. Great gift idea, so start saving those Altoid tins!

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Altoids tin completely full of tiny books LOVE IT!

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Robin Maker

mommo design: IN A MINT TIN... mini kitchen playset

mommo design: IN A MINT TIN… mini kitchen playset | Creating DIY

The Evil Dead Altered Altoid Tin

The Evil Dead Altered Altoid Tin - MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS

Perfect for purse when your kid needs a distraction. Fine motor on the go! LEGO in a tin, with a base on top

mommo design: IN A MINT TIN....

Altoid Tin Crafts for Kids of All Ages Roundup | Apartment Therapy

Altoid Tin Crafts for Kids of All Ages Roundup

Artwork in a small vintage tin Blackbird singing by hensteeth, £35.00

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Altoids Squirrel tree house

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Fairy Garden Altoid Tin: how-to with great pictures! I'm loving the front of the tin, too.

Fairy Garden Altoid Tin - MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS

DIY Altoids tin mini doll homes and halo bunker. Take-a-long toy houses.

Haulin' with the Oats: Faith, Family, Fun

hens teeth : two vintage tin artworks applied to old garter/suspenders

hens teeth

Some lovely Altoids tin alterations by Jack and Cat Curio.


What to do with Altoid Tins!

Items similar to Pat the Eco Friendly Monster - Pink Furry Altered Altoids Tin - Great for Easter, gift cards, party favors, teen or child wallet - Kawaii on Etsy

Altoids game tin complete with dice, cards, instructions, chits, scorecards and a wee pencil .


How to Reuse an Empty Altoids Tin; 34 ideas to get the creative juices flowing

How to Reuse an Empty Altoids Tin

Altoids: make a morse corde transmitter kit. Fun for backyard play and handy in a survival situation


Altoids tin catapult

Altoids Tin Catapult- Curiously Childlike

Altoids Tin Wallet

Altoid How to Make an Altoids Tin Into a Jewelry Box - cover with polymer clay

How to Make an Altoids Tin Into a Jewelry Box | eHow

Altoids tin alethiometer

Child’s Alethiometer

Altoids tin candle

Altoids pocket speakers

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5 Tech-Related Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin

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Altoids tin miniature sized but fully funtional fishing tacklebox

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Uncle AZs Altoid Survival Kit - amazing how much stuff is in here

Uncle AZ's Altoids Survival Kit