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Displays: make your own things

Ideas for display for Craft Shows

Displays: make your own things

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How to make handpainted paper mache mannequin heads. Cute idea to hold your hats or headbands!

DIY Flapper Mannequin Hat Stand
  • Kathy West
    Kathy West

    I think I could do this!! I love it!

Maniquies de adorno hechos de una botella de plástico.

EL MUNDO DEL RECICLAJE: DIY Recicla una botella de detergente

Paint buckets with a dual purpose: magnet display and tent weights {craft booth setup}

... love the 'welcome' chalk!

The Things I've Learned About Craft Fairs

Very small, svelte 2x3' section of a table. No grids or wall backing! I like the hinged shutters: easy to carry, and stands alone without a brace or clamp. Would it fall over?

a Mused Studio: My Micro Booth!
  • Tammy~Cloverleaf

    At an outdoor show, yes, the shutters do fall over. It you come up with a stand for them, then the wind blows the cards out of the shutters~I speak from experience! Thanks for the board!

  • Ronda Whitaker
    Ronda Whitaker

    Ditto on the outdoor show. Trying to come up with a way to keep it sturdy.

  • Helen Taverna
    Helen Taverna

    Try a hinge at the top, with a wood bar coming down- would give it more support but adds weight.

Jewelry Booth In A Bag: does not work well out of doors if there is wind at all.

Reinvented Objects: Jewelry Booth in a Bag
  • Stephanie Moore
    Stephanie Moore

    I just tried this at an outdoor craft show. The wind blew my boards and easels right off the table! I ended up using bracelet T bars to lean the boards up instead of the easels.

from the Art and Craft show group on Flickr

  • Creations from Ash
    Creations from Ash

    Shadow boxes?

Metal tree on a small table, placed at front of booth: very appealing. Art, display, and photo by Tasha McKelvey

Tasha McKelvey's booth. Note two side displays, open fabric flaps for breeze, pumpkins (very inviting) and prominent name display

  • Mariah Allen
    Mariah Allen

    Where did you get your canopy from!? I love the sides!

Craft Show Display Tips & Must-Haves

Craft Fair ideas... love the 'welcome' chalk!

garden gate!

Pink Roses: October 2011

good use of vertical space

  • Angie Gallan
    Angie Gallan

    Stencil logo on cheap Fabric

Tablecloth specially made for craft shows: no blowing edges. All sewn down.

White Fitted 6 Feet Tablecloths | eFavorMart

handwritten quote on dropcloth...

the use of big open chains with dowels for display. Lightweight, adds vertical interest. How to keep dowels in place?

  • Chris @ Christina Designs Art
    Chris @ Christina Designs Art

    zip ties!

completely portable

Jewelry Making Journal — the inspiring, friendly community

I like the color splash in the corners and table tops.

OK maybe a little over the top... but you gotta admire this guy.

very low budget necklace display perfect for outdoor booths as it offers very little wind resistance and is lightweight.

Booth Display for Fair - DIY Display Shelf for Necklaces


Homemade weights for a craft show tent. Awesome.

The Happy Heathen |
  • WhatNotGems

    I need these!

  • Wendy Baker-Smith
    Wendy Baker-Smith

    My dad made me some. They are much better than concrete blocks!

  • WhatNotGems

    the concrete blocks are tearing my hands up ruining my car trunk and generally driving me nutty!

  • Wendy Baker-Smith
    Wendy Baker-Smith

    Yes, I know. These are so much easier and a much more professional look. I used the concrete blocks for 4years!

The Happy Heathen's booth

The Happy Heathen |

Display rack for beads pendants and jewelry by glassmoosedecor, $45.00

birch earring display