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Homesteading: Animals besides chickens

“When it is understood that one loses joy and happiness in the attempt to possess them, the essence of natural farming will be realized. The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” ― Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Homesteading: Animals besides chickens

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Features of Good Outdoor Rabbit Hutches I need this for Foofy!! only, inside my house :) -tp

Features of Good Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

An old dog bed sown with grass seed - must remember to buy grass seed in the fall for winter and lots of dollar store plastic growing tubs!

Bunnies and their grass :) - Rabbits United Forum

Building a small rabbit hutch

Workshop Pallets Instructables - Offset 59

8ft corner rabbit hutch #Pallet, #RabbitHutch

8ft corner rabbit hutch

neat article on raising rabbits for meat

Backyard Bunnies Are the New Urban Chickens

Feeding rabbits can get expensive, so start growing hay at home. It’s a cheap way to make tons of feed, and make raising rabbits a little easier.

Raising Rabbits in Colonies

Rabbit Colony

A beginner's guide to raising rabbits, including a rabbit barn, pens, feeders and waterers, breeding stock, care and feeding, breeding, butchering, and meat sales.

Rabbit cages. FREE plans for hutches, runs, and cages from PVC and from wire. Also some great realistic info on this site.

Rabbit cages. High quality complete bunny cages

Reviews of Various Commercial and Homemade Rabbit Hutch Plans

Rabbit Hutch -- well designed, they have considered the cleaning out and everything. tray, liftable lid, bottom "floor".

Corner Hutch Rabbit Hutch

Corner Hutch Rabbit Hutch- Double Rabbit Hutches

Homemade rabbit hutch out of an old dresser. simple rabbit hutch. Seems to me you could get an old dresser (or TV cabinet or even a chest) and with a little work, make one yourself. Pop out the drawers, insert wire, add tin to the roof, add a ramp. You could lengthen the legs and run chicken wire around the new longer legs for a "bottom floor" pasture area.

Outdoor rabbit hutch with wheels. Allows they to roam and snack while being protected. needs watering jug.

Ideas for an outdoor rabbit run - Rabbits Online

The Guide to Raising and Breeding Rabbits for Meat

Rabbit meat is lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol, and higher in protein when compared to chicken, turkey, beef, and pork. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared domestic rabbit meat to be the most nutritious meat known to man. By raising your own rabbits you can ensure that you food is free of hormones and steroids.

Survival Rabbits
  • Stephanie Hagedorn
    Stephanie Hagedorn

    So David Curley are you wanting to raise rabbits now too??? Just go kill us some and then we will eat them!!!

A sandy Giant Flemish Rabbit (male) napping next to a sable and white sheltie.

Flemish Giant Rabbits. 20-40 pounds each. I want one of these beautiful creatures. Actually, I want two. I want to breed them.

Keeping Flemish Giant Rabbits
  • Chelcie Moss
    Chelcie Moss

    They don't get 40 lbs. I had two 26 lb. does and that shocked judges at shows. The people in the flemish group on facebook don't believe they were that big. Most are 18- 22 lbs.

  • January horvath
    January horvath

    Oh wow.... love it

  • Shana Sessler
    Shana Sessler

    Breeding rabbits is all well and good, but I help at a rabbit rescue that has nearly 200 rabbits needing homes. Maybe is better to neuter/spay them and adopt more if your want more?

  • Chelcie Moss
    Chelcie Moss

    You can't show mutts and breeding is needed to keep rare breeds going. What needs to stop is pet store "breeders" and people with the idea they are not livestock. If unwanted rabbits were used to feed the starving and homeless there would be less suffering on both sides. Just being honest.

  • Shana Sessler
    Shana Sessler

    I guess. The only thing is, most of the rabbits at the rescue are fur and not much meat.

Learn how to raise pigs on your homestead, including instructions on slaughtering, housing and feeding pigs.

Pastured Rabbit Pens

Stone & Thistle Farm - Farm and Fable Musings: May 2011

How to Get the Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Rotational grazing

Rabbit Cage