Ted Baker Dress. Instead of rosemary gold I would go with yellow gold since that's my accent color!

Timeless, fit and flare dress with cap sleeves, with rose gold accents. This dress is my pink heaven♡ The twirl factor on this is exponentially high and far superior to any other dress I've seen!

Test how much you love this chill time of year!:)

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Female character inspiration

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Female character inspiration

The Elementals quickly became my absolute favorite Francesca Lia Block book, which is crazy since I love all of them so much. But this one is so realistic and vivid and lovely. I fell in love. Living The Weetzie Way: Beautiful Books:: The Elementals

pat mcgrath

Glitter and more glitter - Ellis faas. Yes , I could have this much glitter as I won't have any hair💇💇