Altered clock

Vintage Alarm Clocks for Some Crafty DIY Inspiration :: Best home design ideas

picasso armchair  ...<3

awesome picasso armchair, this would be great for a reward. Sit in the artists chair for the day. I should paint the big ugly green chair in my room!

Mosaic mirror

Diy/upgrade:Frame out an inexpensive mirror with small mirrors, or stain pieces of wood (like paint stir sticks or something)if you looking for a less modern look

"Campana brothers chair - made of recycled pieces of paper and fabric."

"Campana brothers chair - made of recycled pieces of paper and fabric." This would be a great way to cover up the outside of one of those clear plastic chairs that let your squished butt show through. Or any plastic chair, really.

Kill by LOVE

Impressive Graffiti by Shok 1

China - Heart Noose I've just received confirmation that the Chinese government want it completely censored out. mural by Comments welcome, maybe we can help to change their minds.

not practical for driving, but it sure is cute

flower power hippies bus- Now what would people think if they saw me driving around in this. "Just Me" ? My oldest Grand would like it-NOT with the flower power

cute blue and white daisy chair

Please, please dont eat the Daisies! Sculptured flowers on acrylic hand crochet base. Vintage fabric on back. By Fiber Art furniture diy inspiration Furniture arrangement