Girl Scout SWAPs

Girl Scout swaps for every theme

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Girl Scout SWAPs

Girl Scout SWAPs

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Compass SWAP Kit. Bring these swaps on your next camping trip. Go to for the complete kit.

Mini Frist Aid Swaps

This swap is cooler than any other swap you can make. From

Girl Scouts swap snowman

Girl Scout Cookie Swaps! See for more!

Girl Scout Cookie Swaps. Yummy! from

Check this out... Trading Card SWAPs. Every country available. Very economical, only $14.99 for 100 Swaps. Kit ships for just $4. Just what you want for your service unit Thinking Day event. www.makingfriends...

Mini Bag Country SWAP. Many countries to choose from! See them all on

Peace Sign SWAP Kit! Perfect for all levels. has the complete kit.

Swap Hat Fun Patch! Only $.69! Check out for more.

Tons of Daisy Girl Scout Ideas, Crafts, Swaps, Free Printables and more! www.makingfriends...

Daisy Law Bracelet Kit! Use this craft to earn the Girl Scout Daisy Violet Petal. Be a sister by making bracelets for other daisy girl scouts.

Daisy Smiley Face SWAP Kit! Super cute Girl Scout SWAP Kit. Check out for more!

On My Honor Swap Kit! Everything you need for a cute SWAP Kit. See for more ideas!

Girl Scout SWAP Banners-great way to display them and keep them safe. This is a great idea. I wonder if we can make them at day camp this summer.

Stamp it and glue on a genuine stamp. From France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland and India available. #WorldThinkingDay

Thinking Day Button SWAPS. Have a great learning experience while swapping.

Girl Scout Waffle SWAP! Get the supplies on

Bottle Cap Map SWAP Kit. Choose your Country! See for Girl Scout Thinking Day Crafts!

Spa Girl Scout SWAP Kit. All the supplies you need in one kit. See for more!

Girl Scout SWAP. Mini Dunk Bag SWAP. For supplies and more Girl Scout SWAPs see

This Girl Scout SWAP is a little bigger and a lot more clever than most of the swaps you will see. Foam glider really works! Get the supplies at www.makingfriends...

Girl Scout Magic SWAP. This will be one of the most talked about SWAPs at your event! Each SWAP has a magic trick! To get the supplies go to www.makingfriends...

Girl Scout caterpillar SWAP great for a camping, spring, summer and more! Kids will love making this SWAP to keep or trade! Take a look at for more SWAP ideas.