From Malata Cuisine Kitchen by Chef Sia

Recipes made and/or created by chef Sia....where healthy alway taste good!!!
30 Pins
four pictures show different types of food including carrots, lettuce and other vegetables
three muffins are on a pink plate with some beans and greens next to it
two pieces of toast with avocado, mushrooms and oranges on it sitting on a white plate
a white plate topped with pasta and meat covered in sauce next to a lemon wedge
two hard boiled eggs with green peppers and other toppings
chocolate covered strawberries and other desserts on a black plate with green garnish
Photo Shoot by Chef Sia
there are two plates with food on them, one has an egg and the other has bacon
Malata Cuisine breakfast sandwich: coconut butter, 7 grain bread, spinach, avocado, fried egg ( well done), Applewood smoked organic bacon ... Working on the vegetarian and vegan version
there are many different pictures of cakes on the table and one is chocolate with raspberries
Vegan Chocolate Cake and Cashew Vanilla Bean Ice cream with fresh Raspberries from Chef Sia
several different pictures of food including bread, eggs and vegetables in them with the words gliets
Chef Sia's Mediterranean Omelette
a purple bowl filled with rice and veggies next to a fork in it
a pan filled with rice and vegetables on top of a stove
Low Country Roasted Stew with Broken Brown Rice
a close up of food on a plate
Up South GA Garlic Cheese Grits Cake
a white plate topped with a burger and french fries next to a green leafy salad
"Up south meets down south" fresh cut french fries, avocado and spinach salad with honey lime vinaigrette; open face quinoa and black bean burger with oven fried green tomatoes topped with caramelized onions... From Chef Sia Photo by Imani
a stack of pancakes topped with bananas and other toppings
Banana Walnut Pancakes
a white bowl filled with cookies on top of a counter
Sweet Potato Falafel with Red Quinoa