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Malena Lott

Oklahoma / Blue-eyed dreamer. Author/Creative/Decorator: Love style, fashion, interior design, books, nature, adventure and fitness.
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entp I know a few and they keep your interest. not sure how they are as a romantic partner though. Fun! I bet!

Myers-Briggs Indicator Personality type ENTP (Extrovert-Intuitive-Thinking-Perceptive). I don't consider this a problem; more a point of interest. I've often wondered how I could be an extrovert when I enjoy spending the majority of my time alone.

i disobey the rules while still being a suck-up to the maker of the rules, so that i don't get in trouble. im sneaky lol

This section ENTP Personality gives a basic overview of the personality type, ENTP. For more information about the ENTP type, refer to the links below or on the sidebar.

I recently had a reader email me that she and her husband are taking a trip to Europe and want to pack as light as they can for 10 days - ideally she would like to pack all her clothes for the trip in

They have a habit of doing this. Those who like to converse with me have proven themselves strong.