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shikoku dog | still interested in owning a shikoku dog please use this

Is a Shikoku Dog the breed for me? In deciding whether or not a Shikoku dog would be a good breed for you and your lifestyle, you will need to consider a few things in advance.The Shikoku is a rare breed of dog even within its homeland of Japan.

Every Gentlemen needs a matching dog.

SHIKOKU: one of the native Japanese breeds intermediate in size between the large Akita Inu and the small Shiba Inu; all are within the Spitz family of dogs.

Korean fierce horangi tiger

Tigers appear often in Korean lore and were the inspiration for the tiger men in my fantasy series Nine Tails.

Korean Tiger and Magpie :::::: 삶의 향기가 더해지는 곳 대백프라자갤러리 ::::::

Korean Tiger and Magpie :::::: 삶의 향기가 더해지는 곳 대백프라자갤러리 ::::::

Bernardaud L'Art de la Table Kintsugi by Sarkis Coupe -Kintsugi—the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. The idea behind it is that the piece becomes more beautiful and valuable because it has been broken and has a history.

Kintsugi plates - In the century Japanese technique kintsugi , broken or broken earthenware with gold leaf is repaired, with each fracture deliberately emphasized instead of camouflaged - exactly fitting in trends such as imperfect design, eco and craft.


japan-photo: “ Fukuda Heihachiro: “Ripples”, 1932 The Meiji Crisis in Japanese Art New York Times, March 2013 ROME — After more than 200 years of self-imposed isolation Japan re-established diplomatic and trading relations with the outside world.

Toshijiro (Nenjiro) Inagaki 1902-1963 - "Tora" ("Tiger"), woodblock print. Toshijiro was a famous kimono designer. He received the highest honor as artist, Intangible Cultural Property, from Japanese government in 1962. He designed only handful woodblock prints in the 1950's.

Tiger by Toshijiro (Nenjiro) Inagaki Toshijiro Inagaki graduated in 1922 from the Kyoto City School of Fina Arts and Crafts. He became a famous designer for expensive kimono patterns.