Pramod Mali

Pramod Mali
Nadiad / A final year computer science and engineering student.
Pramod Mali
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Kutch Travel : White Rann view From Kalo Dungar

This is the fifth and last post in Kutch Travel. It Talks about White Rann and Black Hills. Particularly how and what in Kutch Travel.

Lakes and Beaches: The tides are in our veins

Lakes and Beaches: The tides are in our veins

Web 1.0: The Internet before Facebook & Google

The Great Web Revival

She too had a boyfriend?

Wong Fu Productions - She has a boyfriend. (That wonderful moment when you realize Minho's [The Maze Runner] actor [Ki Hong Lee] has been in several Wong Fu Productions videos)

Teacher’s Day Special

Remembering our Teachers on Teachers Day


Salaries of Software Engineers: Top Paying Skills, Top Roles and Best Engineering Schools

Hilarious WhatsApp Statuses

WhatsApp statuses are probably the most under-utilised forum (if you want to term it that) to express one's feelings. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I changed mine.

Hilarious WhatApp Statuses

15 Best WhatsApp Statuses You'll Ever Come Across

Google Explains Hmm

They might sound similar but their meanings are different. The most common homophones are 'then' and 'than'.

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