How to get the perfect edge when sewing. I never EVER would have figured this out by myself!

Fiesta Résistance - a party + DIY online magazine: {Guest Post} DIY Napkin Tutorial How to sew a perfectly mitered corner

Insertable pocket for tote bags.  That is too frickin' smart!

Insertable pocket for tote bags. This is simply brilliant! This idea could work great on a couple of my 31 Bags that are large. It's hard to find small things in a big bag. Maybe for keys, cell phones, wallets.

Surprise DIY

Cool Wallets - How to make a bow clutch - tutorial. I think im going for the matching set of yellow bow on my sewing board (check it out! Cute matching scarf and ear warmer tutorials!

Nuage neigeux ou printanier?

It's spring, so that means for much of the country, it's spring showers! Reflect the season in your baby's room with one of these cute DIY cloud mobiles.

Nuages blanc et gouttes colorées...Une jolie idée déco... dont d'inspirer!

Big Rain cloud mobile on branch in blue-Geronimo - Cloud blues Cloud Cloud blue-turquoise-mint A gorgeous mobile with 3 pretty puffy and fluffy white felt clouds suspended from a branch along with 9 felt r.