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Maltese Food

Photos and Recipes of Maltese food Want to know more about Maltese cuisine - check out our web portal at

Maltese Food

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Maltese Bread baked at a local Maltese Bakery - photo by Graziella La Manna - more photos on

Maltese food -

Maltese Pizza

Maltese food -

do you know what these are?

  • Jamie Doyle
    Jamie Doyle

    ice cube trays, my grandmother had them.

Stuffed Marrows - check us out on facebook!

  • Seber Healthy Living - Discounted Gluten Free & Allergy Safe Foods
    Seber Healthy Living - Discounted Gluten Free & Allergy Safe Foods

    Couldn't get this to connect to the site, it says: The requested URL "/hphotos-ak-ash3/c67.0.403.403/p403x403/563561_526801817349483_2036034709_n.jpg", is invalid.

Fellus ta cerna u cipullaza - the only portal dedicated to Maltese cooking

  • Ashley Ryan
    Ashley Ryan

    Any recipes?

  • Tony Cassar
    Tony Cassar

    sure go to for recipes check out our FB page too

  • Ashley Ryan
    Ashley Ryan

    I will, thank you!

Pizza tal-Maxok by - the only portal dedicated to Maltese food!

  • Cole Newby
    Cole Newby

    what is on that pizza??????

Grilled swordfish with green veg and tomato and caper sauce

baked imqaret filled with dates

Pork Stew with dumplings - by Linda Speight

Qubbajd - Maltese Nougat -

Malta Mechanised Ground Fireworks Festival

  • Mary Rose Aquilina
    Mary Rose Aquilina

    Its been a while since I saw these...hope we can catch some in Sept when we come for a visit

rice seafood salad -

Maltese Olive Oil - hoe to flavour with fresh Herbs

How to flavour olive oil using fresh herbs

Fried Rabbit with Garlic - Fenek moqli bit-tewm -

Our Delicious Maltese Pastizzi -

Baked Price and Pasta by Pauline Mifsud -

rikotta pie by Marika Dingli -

figolli by Maria Bonnici from