love the placement

Here's the thing: I HATE this quote. You cannot stand up more times than you fall down. You fall seven times, you get up 7 times. You can't phantom stand up one time.

tattoos and muscles

a nice beard wouldn't go amiss either ;) I'll never chase a man, but if he has tattoos and muscles, a bitch just might power-walk.

tattoo placement

Jorge vilella OMG I love this! Mum and baby Giraffe were always going to be my thigh piece! looks so realistic

35+ Wonderful Tattoo Ideas For Girls - Trend To Wear

35+ Wonderful Tattoo Ideas For Girls

tree of life symbol tattoo

love the combination of tree of life and enso symbol in this tattoo. Would be cool if my boyfriend got it to match my tree of life tattoo


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tree tattoo inspiration

A little less root and dense branches. Would add swirly names and three birds. Stock vector of 'Decorative tree & roots , vector illustration'

Family Tree Tattoo...

Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, but our roots keep us all together. This is the BODY OF CHRIST FAMILY TREE! Jesus is our roots!

I think I want to finish up my family tattoo with the rest of the saying...

Family Like Branches On A Tree. vinyl lettering wall sayings home decor quote art ((.Roots remain as one.