Slimline window

GREAT windows - This seems like a good idea for a tiny home - to bring in light & a tiny view where you don't want to sacrifice wall space.


Book nook, reading nook, reading chair, reading room, bookworm's dream // I hope to have one in my future home please & thank you

10 Indoor Gardens That Definitely Bring The Outdoors In (PHOTOS)

LOOK: 10 Ways To Bring The Outdoors In

The Strand Manhattan Beach - contemporary - patio - los angeles - Tomaro Design Group

Tropical-chic Design...Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers and I LOVE all these colors. green and brown and white, natural shower, outdoor shower option, extension of the home

Inground campfire setting

Sunken deck and fire pit. We might use some of these ideas if we tier the yard. Seating on tiers around a firepit.

restful | Rural Retreat by Mancini

great ceiling, too much for our house? which room(s)? Love the shutters on the outside of the house - Retreat in the South-Indian Countryside / Mancini

Idea: bed viewing outdoor bird aviary with electronicly controlled curtains

Cozy Bedrooms

My Style: Private Japanese garden makes for a very nice bedroom view. I've been living with a bedroom view of a very zen garden this year and it's lovely.

Bench 5

Things To Have In A Balcony

Image 4 of 14 from gallery of Mountain Retreat / Fearon Hay Architects.

Gallery of Mountain Retreat / Fearon Hay Architects - 4

Obsessed with windows. {from gallery of Mountain Retreat / Fearon Hay Architects.

A Beautiful Small outdoor spaceAreas pequeñas

Even if you have a small yard, you still design a small patio that will be functional for entertaining, relaxing, and living, as well as beautiful. Use these design ideas if you want turn a tiny place behind your house into something cozy and relaxing.

Room...i would never leave this especially if there was a fireplace nearby!

Architecture, Warm Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas With Wood Wall Panels Exposed Concrete Ceiling And Floor Lamp Design: The Elegant Aupiais House by Site Interior Design

“Trước đây từng nghĩ, nếu thực sự yêu ai đó, tôi sẽ cùng tình yêu đó đi đến cùng trời cuối đất, cho dù người ấy không yêu tôi, tôi vẫn sẽ yêu đến vô cùng. Sự ngông cuồng của tuổi trẻ, chỉ là để hoài niệm. Tình yêu vốn dĩ không đẹp được như thế. Quá nhiều băn khoăn, tiếc nuối, quá nhiều sợ hãi, nỗi đau, quá nhiều nghịch lý, chênh vênh. Rốt cuộc thứ đi cùng ta đến cùng trời cuối đất chỉ còn là nỗi đau.” Tôi đã từng yêu như thế- La Liar

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window view

window to the outside world. could use a LARGE frame as over a photo as a 'picture window' for a small room.