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Dina Tseffos
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Bloody Mary Bar

A creative bloody mary bar. A similar tiered tray is available from Park Designs.

my second book @whiskeywordsandashovel volume II is now available for over 30% off! (link in my bio) #quotes #rhsin #poetry

it's fucked up that you had to learn about love from those who never loved you. my second book volume II is now available for over off! (link in my bio)

So long as they'll let you...

" A Real woman can do it all by herself, but a real man won't let her." I'm happy to be married to a gentleman and I'm raising my son to be like his dad. I have been blessed with the two gentlemen in my life.

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Me and You Could Make The Whole World Jealous Die-Cut Decal Car Window Wall Bumper Phone Laptop

A beautiful letter from a mother to a daughter or in my case, my grandmother to me! It's really important, I think, to stand still with the fact, your beloved ones become older and if this is what they want, we must give it to them! The same as they gave that to us! <3

I love this beautiful letter about aging, love and the cycles of life. I have found it in many places online, but had a hard time tracking down the origins.

Omg so true. Cause it is NEVER actually you causing issues...lmfao

You play the Victim so well I'm surprised you don't carry your own body chalk. -HILARIOUS I know someone who plays the victim too often.