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Excellent article - How to Landscape your chicken coop: Although it may seem like an exercise in futility, it actually IS possible to landscape your chicken run. A nicely landscaped run serves many purposes. A variety of bushes and shrubs will make your run look nice, while providing shade, a supply of bugs and insects and a predator screen. The joy that a pretty run brings makes it worth the extra effort.... Lots of photos and information! // Great Gardens & Ideas //

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Chicken coop. Note easy access nesting boxes. Could be made from second hand wooden pallets, boxes and roofing. Remember to add a gutter and down pipe to collect rainwater from the roof.

The Magical Chicken Tunnel. They are not magical, but it has a nice ring to it... It is a mesh wire tunnel about 35cm high & 30cm wide through which the chickens can dart back & forth between certain garden areas.

This well-designed garden plan makes it easy to put chickens to work in the garden. You can give your birds direct access to deposit manure fertilizer into your beds and enlist your birds for organic pest control as needed. Read more: