Preparing for The Tempest

The kids will be putting on a production of The Tempest this spring, so I'm starting to gather helpful resources.
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Blue Lace Chiffon Scarf - peacock blue for Juno

MICHAEL GRAY'S ARTS BLOG: THE TEMPEST Blitzed -- Not sure why this Trinculo has a puppet.

The Tempest by Joanna Beart-Albrecht, via Behance -- glitter glue and leather scraps in a semi-random pattern

The Tempest by Joanna Beart-Albrecht, via Behance -- closer view of Trinculo's jacket -- Dear Cam: If you ever wear your pants this low in public, I will eat your favorite hat. Love, Aunt Gwyn

The Tempest by Joanna Beart-Albrecht, via Behance -- Trinculo is the one on camera right (stage left)

Angel Colon as Trinculo by huntspoint, via Flickr

the tempest trinculo -- stripes

the tempest trinculo -- why does he need a weight-lifting belt?

the tempest trinculo -- some earthy colors

Trinculo by Vicktrr, via Flickr

Libby Nancy Emma Irwin -- her Trinculo reminds me of The Joker.

Trinculo-Costume Rendering by *ScottAronow on deviantART

photo of Trinculo character

TRINCULO/Tempest by Elizabeth Popeil

The Tempest, Trinculo by riicolawill, via Flickr

McCarter Theatre - Tempest Study Guide - Trinculo design by Jess Goldstein

Artifact 21079 :: Shakespeare in Performance :: Internet Shakespeare Editions

costumes for Trinculo and Stephano from The Tempest, produced by Parkside Players. in costumes by Deborah Erenberg

The Tempest -- Russell Brand "Riff" - amazing, improvised backstory for Trinculo.

A background / teacher's guide site to go with a PUPPET production of The Tempest. Neat!

A little inspiration for character study: Trinculo. (My kids have been cast as Trinculo and Juno for our homeschool production of the Tempest.)

From a PBS site (In Search of Shakespeare) the idea of having 4th graders make character scrapbooks (from the POV of the character).

Shakespearean Hokey Pokey!

Shakespearean insult-o-matic.