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Stained glass spinning wheel.

Golding Fiber Tools - Spinning Wheels For Sale

spinner`s magical world

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Chiara Vigo: The last woman who makes sea silk

Silk is usually made from the cocoons spun by silkworms - but there is another, much rarer, cloth known as sea silk or byssus, which comes from a clam. Chiara Vigo is thought to be the only person left who can harvest it, spin it and make it shine like gold.

Chiara Vigo: The last woman who makes sea silk - BBC News

Michelle Baggerman's Precious Waste Project. Shredded and Spun everyday plastic bags, beautifully transformed into colourful threads.

Bureau Baggerman

How to make scrap fabric twine. This tutorial has you twisting both plies by hand, which seems tedious if you have a spinning wheel available. The only difficulty I can see is how to smoothly join in a new piece of fabric when you don't have the other ply right there to hold the join in place.

Scrapbusting: Handmade Scrap Fabric Twine

Eisaku Noro - Industrial Yarns. This page links to a 26-page publication called "Manufacturing of Noro Yarn, From Farm to Product." Very helpful in thinking about spinning Noro-like yarns.

Eisaku Noro - Industrial Yarns

Merlin Tree CPW in Vermont Foliage

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The Fort Wayne Flax and Fleecers Guild, featured on Spinning Daily

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Firebird Spinning Wheel

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Cotton spinning travel kit. Uses cat combs as cotton cards.

Cotton Travel Kit - Spindlicity

Carlton's cast-iron wheel

Spinning Wheel Sleuth: Issue 66 Detail

Infinity spinning wheel

Pigeon Point Fiber and Glassblog

The Ettrick Windwheel - unique portable design from a Tasmanian wheel maker.

Ettrick Web Site

Ravelry: Bishopofknit's $7.00 Spinning Wheel. Complete plans for building a simple spindle-driven spinning wheel.

Ravelry: Bishopofknit's $7.00 Spinning Wheel

Hand-Painted Louet S17 spinning wheel from LunabudKnits

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Amazing handmade copy of the Ashford Traditional. A carved inscription below the flyer assembly says, "Made in Mt. Carroll, ILL U.S.A. 11-26-1984"

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"Wee Spin" tiny handmade spinning wheel. Footprint measures 8.5" x 12", wheel is 16" high, with another inch or two for the flyer.

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Norwegian Princess spinning wheel

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"Anything but Lazy Kate" - deluxe, fine-tuneable portable Lazy Kate, available from the Woolery. $110.

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The Journey Wheel: Inspired by the Indian charkha, but has foot treadles and multiple spinning ratios. Crafted out of cherry wood, and folds into a small carrying case.

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Louet S15 Spinning wheel, painted by Kinixys on Ravelry

kinixys' Spinning wheel

Heavenly Handspinning Stella Wheel, with carved and stained cherry blossoms

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"Fractal Spinning" how to article on Knitty

Fractal spinning

Norwegian spinning wheel, built in 1858, still in beautiful working condition. Has original green paint and hand-forged axle.

Ravelry - a knit and crochet community

Gorgeous rustic spinning wheel

Webshots - Today's Photo