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Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse

This board is about emergency preparedness. Zombies are not likely, snowstorms and hurricanes are. Be prepared. Don't count on FEMA!

Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Growing and Foraging for Comfrey~ The permaculture and medicinal wonder plant! www.growforagecoo...

Growing and Foraging for Comfrey

Herbal Pain Relief Tea to Knockout Joint Pain, Aches and Inflammation. Drinking tea made from a blend of botanicals which contain active ingredients for pain relief can help reduce the ache naturally.

Mental Preparedness. Preparedness is more than Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids. @MamaKautz

Mental Preparedness

1 year food storage.

1 year food storage |

Dealing with Prepper Burnout

Mental Preparedness Archives - Apartment Prepper

[Video] 24 Survival Tips And Tricks With Zip Ties! You Should Always Have A Bundle Of Them Stashed In Your Gear When You Go Out For Outdoor Activity. - Page 2 of 2 - Brilliant DIY

Zip Ties: 19 Uses & 5 Tricks for Survival

Are You Ready For The Price Of Food To More Than Double By The End Of This Decade? | #preparedness #food #crisis

The Economic Collapse

How to make a Salve out of Pine Sap... Great for cuts, bites, stings, burns... And good at well, keeping you from smelling... #camping #outdoors #survival

SHTF Medical: Making Pine Sap Salve | The Rebel Prepper Network

Top 10 Things in My Get Home Bag @MamaKautz

Top 10 Items in My Get Home Bag

Great articles!

Best Prepping Articles Of 2014 From Around The Web

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for your Favorite Prepper Mama ~ Mama Kautz

Bugging In - Why Staying Put Might Be Your Best Bet For Survival | When Bugging Out Isn't Necessary by Survival Life

Bugging In | Why Staying Put Might Be Your Best Bet

getting your loved ones to prepare

Getting Your Loved Ones To Prepare - Tactics and Tips

Just when you thought you had about everything you need for survival, Happy Preppers provides a list of the essential items you forgot! There are fifty survival gadgets in all to improve your chances for survival or make life off grid easier. Here's the NIFTY FIFTY: www.happypreppers...

Survival Gadgets (prepper wares and survival gear to stock)

5 Reasons Why Normal People Shy Away From the Prepper World www.TheSurvivalMo...

5 Reasons Why Normal People Shy Away From the Prepper World - Survival Mom

The point of this article is to give you a few ideas on personal hygiene in post-SHTF situations, although some of these tips can be applied right now.

10 Tips For Staying Clean After The SHTF | Urban Survival Site

Make your own MREs for a fraction of the cost. Great for camping or long term food storage

DIY MREs.....a tutorial...

Monday Musings 3222015 Happy Spring

Apartment Prepper - Family Preparedness in an Apartment Setting by Bernie Carr

Should You Keep Your Property Maintained Once the SHTF?

Should You Keep Your Property Maintained Once the SHTF? - Preparing for shtf

Whether you're just starting out or well on the road to #prepping, strengthen your #survival plan by avoiding these mistakes (especially #6!).

7 Common Prepping Mistakes...And How To Avoid Them!

Essential Oils for Preparedness Pt 2 (Podcast episode 5)

How to Dehydrate Onions – Mama Kautz

How to Dehydrate Onions – Mama Kautz

Homemade Soy Candles | Mama Kautz | #prepbloggers #diy #candles

Homemade Candles – Mama Kautz

What's in your EDC?

My Everyday Carry Bag - Mama Kautz

When planning for a SHTF scenario, there’s really only one thing that we can be sure of; Survival will be a bigger challenge than you ever believed possible. While you can defiantly take measures to prepare yourself for what's to come, when you're talking about a SHTF scenario, all bets are really off....

10 Disturbing SHTF Threats that most Preppers Haven’t Prepared For