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So I guess I’ll begin with a confession. I thought it would be enough for our girls to simply grow up in a Christian family. I thought it would take care of everything. That they’d grow up secure and unafraid having been raised in a home where they are loved so dearly. A home where …

6 Truths Every Daughter Needs to Know - Club 31 Women

This is a good idea. The Interrupt Rule - How your child can show respect and honor to their elders through a simple rule. {the House of Hendrix}

The Interrupt Rule - The House of Hendrix

10 Things Children Will Always Remember.

The 36th AVENUE | 10 Things Children Will Always Remember

Behavior is an Iceberg

Nightly Questions, either before bed or at dinner table. What made you laugh today? What made you sad? What did you learn?

3 Questions to Ask Your Child Every Night - Eyes On Heaven

Great ideas for Promoting Positive Behavior in children from PlayDrMom (a child psychologist and mom)

Promoting Positive Behavior - Play Dr Mom

Habits of Effective Parents

peaceful parenting: 6 Habits of Highly Effective Parents

Great stuff! Parenting Tips from the Color Code.

You’re Color Code Relationship with Your Kids - The Color Code

25 Ways To Ask Your Kids “So how was school today?” Without Asking them “So how was school today?”

25 Ways To Ask Your Kids How Was School Today

How do you help your child who tends to fall apart? Here are several wonderful ways a mom can encourage her child to pull it together - and to grow strong in the process. How to Help Your Fall-Apart Child...Pull It Together - Club 31 Women

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Age Appropriate Chores for Children - little miss is growing up crazy fast!

Age Appropriate Chores for Children - Jacaranda Tree Montessori

The Educators' Spin On It: Raising a Strong Willed Child: We Get It Series

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The Interrupt Rule - A simple tool to teach your children how to respectfully interrupt their elders. This rule allows the adult to wait for a natural break in their conversation before addressing the needs of a child.

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25 Alternatives to 'Good Job' - breaking the habit of hollow praise with a free prntable list of alternatives

25 Alternatives to "Good Job" -

How to Ease a Child's Anxiety at the Doctor's Office

Do you ever get so fed up with your husband or kids that you feel like you might explode? While sometimes it is hard to admit, a mom really does set the tone for her family. Don't miss these 5 practical tips for resetting your mood when anger strikes!

A Mom Sets the Tone - Living Well Spending Less®

TONS of PRACTICAL ideas to make your summer at home with kids count!

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How to get child to take a nap everyday even until they are 4 year olds! Great advice from a mom of twins!

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The Bully Too Close to Home

The Bully Too Close to Home

The important thing about yelling

The Important Thing About Yelling

Sometimes parenting is tough...have you heard about Character Badges? #Characterbadges

Sometimes Real Love Is Tough Love - Raising Soldiers 4 Christ

i loved this. 10 tactics to avoid when disciplining your kids.

10 Discipline Don'ts

Why discipline is different from punishment (blog post)

Why discipline is different from punishment -

The Mom's Guide to the Five Love Languages of Children by Dr. Gary Chapman. Loving your child the way they prefer, can make your entire day better!

Five Love Languages of Children

Help Your 2 to 3 Year Old Listen! - Tipsaholic

Help Your 2 to 3 Year Old Listen! - Tipsaholic