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Random Geekery

All things geek and/or nerd related.

Random Geekery

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I don't blame Disney . . . I blame Joss.


I'm so confused...


Yeah basically yeah

Tumblr / iFunny :)

"Haha. You insulted my fandom... prepare to die" Died laughing

madidear578: He’s the only one I want guarding the...



Like, 96% Sarcasm

LOLOLOL! I could completely see Loki doing that xDDD

April 1st is fandom day

Jensen makes me happy

Supernatural / iFunny :)

What's worse is when they try to help because they assume you are buying a gift and they ask does "he" have an Xbox or a PlayStation and while you are glaring at them with contempt they amend with is it white or black... It's enough to make a girl wanna punch people

Start Trek Next Generation, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), and Star Trek Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew). Janeway's Done Meme.

Janeway's Done - Cheezburger

Loki and Daleks as geek couture . . . this is the fashion show you don't want to miss!

A Ranking of Comic-Con's Best Geek Couture

Oh my gosh those instructions.

Thanks, I didn't need my heart anyway

Russell Grows UP…

I love how every little innocent thing turns into a Doctor Who reference. Nah, I DEFINITELY love it.

Now that's hot sexy man beast in a big blue box


33 Things You'll Only Understand If You're In Fandom

Where is your fandom/fandoms!

Forget Waldo, Where's Your Fandom?

Such a funny quote from "Guardians of the Galaxy"!!

Psych Pineapple Sign Quote. "Are you a fan of delicious flavor?" -Shawn Spenser My all time favorite show!

Jim Butcher Dresden Files Quote

"But there were some things I believed in. Some things I had...