What is your ninja name? Fun way to start off a ninja party. Then kids call each other by ninja name during party.

I truly just laughed out loud

Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

How my family sees me vs. How I see my family (Emo edition)


Shut up and take my money! 36 Ideas and Gadgets that are so cool they could change your life!

In case you're scootering around your neighbourhood and need a nap. I recommend curtains.

Art When I am old and run away from the nursing home on my lark, Im taking this thing. teardrop-campers-and-trailers

funny password!

Funny pictures about I changed my password. Oh, and cool pics about I changed my password. Also, I changed my password photos.

Dat puppy.

Puppy Grooming to the extreme. Gotta love this hairdo! leschiffre Puppy Grooming to the extreme. Gotta love this hairdo! Puppy Grooming to the extreme. Gotta love this hairdo!

Third wheel status: expert

Third Wheel Costumes- How I Met Your Mother Gray Castillo I'm so doing this next year with you and Gerson! Third-wheeling like a boss.

Ministry of Silly Walks Clock, John Cleese

Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Clock

Funny pictures about Silly Walks Wall Clock. Oh, and cool pics about Silly Walks Wall Clock. Also, Silly Walks Wall Clock photos.

“This would be a man that loves going to work and does not dread it the night before. Upon entering the Magic Kingdom, one of the security guards said to the girl “Excuse me Princess, can I have your autograph.” I could see that the book was filled with children’s scribbles as the guard asked the same question of many little Princesses. The little girl could not get over the fact that the guard thought she was a real princess.”

Magic Kingdom Security Guard Said To The Little Girl, "Excuse Me Princess, Can I Have Your Autograph?" His Book Was Filled With Children's Scribbles. :) The Little Girl Couldn't Get Over The Fact That He Thought She Was A Real Princess! How Sweet!


"There is no such thing as an automatic door. just gentleman ninjas. I thought it was my jedi powers.


I laugh because if I were the one on the toilet and had such a sappy guy, I'd probably do the same thing. - OMFG i'm dying. this and the comment are HILARIOUS

Where's Waldo Sweater : "A Good Man is Hard to Find"too funny! I want it.