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Strawberry Honey Jam (Canned)

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I love the economy of this idea & using the entire peach! Peach Jelly from the pits & skins of peaches AFTER you make jam or canned peaches.

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You put a lot of work, time and money into pressure canning food. When you are done canning, you just put the jars on the shelf, right? WRONG! I often say "there are questions that newbies don't even know to ask". I don't believe I have seen a list of the simple, yet very important steps to take after you finish a batch to optimize and protect your hard work. In my mind each of these little steps are to protect the safety of my family & are easy to do. When you are finished canning a batch…

Marinated Cucumbers Onions and Tomatoes

Recipe for Marinated Cucumbers Onions and Tomatoes - This recipe is from Womack House, a long ago country kitchen in Fulshear, TX. It tastes like summer!