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31 Days of Occupational Therapy with Free Materials

Occupational Therapy treatment tips and tools for pediatrics and school-based therapy using mostly free or inexpensive materials and items you can find around the home. Great resource and many ideas here!

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Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime

Make this awesome color changing slime that changes color with temperature! Thermochromic slime makes STEM learning fun.

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Here Are the Very Best Parenting, Education, and Crafting Posts of 2015

I love that here, in one place, I can find so many great posts. This really is the best of 2015 for parenting, education, and craft posts! Woot!

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Subtraction Squish

Looking for a fun way to practice subtraction facts? Here's a simple activity that mixes sensory play and using a number line when solving subtraction facts.

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The Odd Bods: No Sew Sock Dolls

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Top Multicultural Posts of 2015: Reader Favorites

A look back at our top multicultural posts from the past year, by country.  Holidays, multilingualism, and parenting were popular themes!

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A Year of Art Appreciation for Kids: 52 Artworks your Child Should Know

The Art Curator for Kids - A Year of Art Appreciation for Kids - 52 Artworks your Child Should Know - Art History for Kids

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Three Tips to Help Overstimulated Children

Sometimes, helping overstimulated children requires special techniques. This article talks about three that have worked well for me.

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