Can I have this pleaseeeeee?

Let the people know what you truly love, Naps, Netflix, and food! If you're a lazy introvert looking for some weekend lounge clothes, this "I Love Naps Netflix and Long Walks To The Fridge" shirt is perfect for you!

So true!!

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Why do people say they're having a tuna-fish sandwich? No one ever says they're having a chicken-bird sandwich.

Wow! A Rubik\'s Cube Chest Of Drawers! (via #spinpicks)

Rubik's Cube Chest of Drawers

Store your clothes, gear, etc. in a drawer chest that doubles as a functional Rubik’s Cube mind puzzle. A stylish addition to any kid’s bedroom, these Rubik’s Cube drawer chests can be built using the free guide from Instructables.

Just me cleaning the Deathstar (via #spinpicks)

Just me cleaning the Deathstar

- Funny Lego Star Wars Darth Vader slipped on wet floor while Stormtrooper was cleaning.

Felines win again

19 January it's a Schrodinger joke.I love Schrodinger jokes. I'm such a nerd!

I bet I'll be making these for my kids soon.

58 DIY Fashions

Lego labyrinth diy (via #spinpicks)

Lego Ball Maze

This is a completely customizable LEGO marble maze designed by Jason A. that features interchangeable playfields (including a medieval themed one! It's currently a LEGO CUUSOO project, so if it gets over votes LEGO will consider making the.

Apes on a rock

Intelligence: "Question your beliefs." -Every intelligent person in history

ful Treble Maker - for the downtown software developer transit hiker

Special Offers Available Click Image Above: Ful Treble Maker - Brown Black