I did the walk behind the falls in niagara but it doesn't really count since ur in a tube behind a railing

Walk Behind a Waterfall

Frozen Minnehaha Falls (in MN) went there while I was in Minnesota n it was so pretty. it's even better frozen.

send a message in a bottle just because i might be famous in the future when someone finds it :]

Send a Message in a Bottle

Bucket list: send a message in a bottle. Who knows, someone might write back! Did it but fail causr the wave returned it and it was in a plastic bottle but on the bright dide someone opened it! But thsts sll i remember!

College Bucket List - roadtrip with your favourite people. http://www.facebook.com/unisouthdenmark

College Bucket List

The perfect Bucket list- roadtrip with your favourite people. Road trips are always fun - exploring new and even the same old places with people you care about.


Tie messages to balloons and let them go! We did this for GrandDaddy's birthday, sent messages to Heaven:)

bucket list

Must have hope, belief & faith that a cancer cure will be found! Too many have been diagnosed with cancer! RIP MOM, WHO PASSED AWAY ON Liver Cancer). My dad died of cancer back in Nov., Other family and loved one's have passed too.

bucket list - take a picture with every state sign in America

bucket list - take a picture with every state sign in America. Or province sign in Canada

So with my boyfriend since he's my best friend :)

bucket list for girls! Go to disneyland with your bestfriend and have the best day of your life. In my case it would be bestfriendS, the 4 of us ^-^

bucket list bucket list!!

i want 99 red balloons and one blue balloon. the blue balloon represents me.

spend an entire day watching disney movies... Pretty sure I've done this. :)

spend an entire day watching disney movies--Check! Did this at the end of junior year before moving out to spend one last fun day with my roommate.

Before I die, My bucket list

See the monarch butterfly migration. Actually, I can check this one off. I saw the monarch migration in Roanoke when Matthew was about 3 years old.