Just because you CAN crochet something doesn't mean that you SHOULD.

If someone ever gives you an ugly knit sweater for Christmas, ok whatever, wear it once and make them happy. If someone ever gives you a pair of knit shorts, never wear them.

I am laughing so hard. OMG OMG!!!!

More HILARIOUS kids notes. I want all of these kids in my class, especially the ninja.


How certain substances affect the aging process XD // I'll take a large cup of Earl Grey, please.

15 things to give up if you want to be happy.. click on picture to see more quotes

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True dat!

HAHA I hope my kids don't think "I'm mean," though. But Mom vs Grandma. I know my grandma always won that one when I was a kid.


Leave This For The Maid Service Next Time You Check Out Of a Hotel. I'm sorry, but this is pretty funny!

We all have dreams.

is a very underrated character for all the humor he brings to the series star wars nerd iron man crossover avengers