A fine beauty, indeed

A fine beauty, indeed

It's a long hair guinea pig. I have a half American half long hair guinea pig

I don’t remember what kind of poem style this is, but it’s hilariously adorable!

Another Reason To Love Ron Swanson

Another Reason To Love Ron Swanson

This is the cutest.

DC TV universe over DC movie universe any day of the week. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


Anonymous said: Im in year 11 and will be entering sixth form in two weeks. I am not very good at the subjects i have chosen which are bio chem and maths (AS art).

Parks and Recreation Tom Haverford Apps and Zerts 8" x 24" Poster by CreativeSobriety on Etsy...

Parks and Recreation Tom Haverford Apps and Zerts 8 x 24 Poster by CreativeSobriety on Etsy.OMG this is amazing! One of my favorite Tom Haverford moments!

the awkward moment when your husband finds all your hobby lobby purchases hiding in the guest bedroom and now you have some explaining to do

Just made a lot of songs pointless

It's not really that spectacular to have someone say they'd take a bullet for me. It's just one bullet. They're not going to stop shooting just because you blocked one single solitary bullet.


When he had the chance to be right but was wrong again:

My favorite movie character essay for nhs It is an exceedingly distinguished honor to be accepted into the National Honor Society, writing a National Honor Society application essay?

An alpaca looks out from a car on a busy street in Changchun, Jilin province April According to local media, a newly-opened bar in Changchun rented the male alpaca from Australia hoping to attract more customers. (Photo by Reuters/China Daily)

Andy Dwyer names off the 7 Wonders of the World. Parks and Recreation. Andy Dwyer everybody.