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Stop waiting.

Our 5 Favorite Quotes To Encourage Happiness

Quotes: "Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now." Be mindful, and live in the moment.

Good, because I don't have one.

You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breath, trust God, let go, and see what's happens.

He calmed the storms within me for a short time but had to leave me to my storms. I am grateful for the reprieve.

"I like storms." December said softly, looking up past the rain into the sky. "They let me know that even the sky, screams sometimes. And if something as big and vast as the sky screams, then it's alright for me to.

Love this it's so true

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Love this it's so true. Let people know that you love them today!Did you give a hug someone today. Because Someone today might need a hug. I approve this quoted pin. because i want to hug you.

I like this. Be grateful and never do anything because you expect something in return

Sufi poet Hafiz - "Even After All this time The sun never says To the Earth, 'You owe me.' Look What Happens With a love like that. It lights the Whole Sky.

the only time you should ever look back

the only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come. keep moving forward.

Quotes: Forgive and forget ~ Grey's anatomy. Someone I know needs this badly!!

Quotes: Forgive and forget ~ Grey anatomy Wouldn't have thought Grey's Anatomy.

99 problems. A hilarious list of irrational fears to worry about.

I've got 99 problems & 86 of them are completely made scenarios in my head that I'm stressing out about for no logical reason. STORY OF MY LIFE! Time to let go of worrying.