fingerprint cookie -- great tutorial on how to decorate cookies for a police / detective / secret agent party

Using a Styrofoam sphere and a 2-liter bottle cap, I spray painted them with black chalkboard paint (don’t use regular spray paint as it will disintegrate the Styrofoam…lesson learned). Glued the bottle cap and a skein of red yarn to the sphere

Agency D3 VBS Easy Decoration for the Halls....

Agents of Truth VBS Name Tags -, roll of 100, $5

make little bombs out of mini chocolate doughnuts (or chocolate aniseed rings) with raspberry liqorice string

Secret Agent Clip Art | Spy illustrations and clipart

magnifying class cheese/pretzel snacks

Agents of Truth Floor VBS Stand-Ups -


VBS 2014 - Lifeway's AgencyD3 - SECURITY

I noticed that previous "spy" pins are being repinned a lot, so I thought I'd share some photos of my daughter's 007 spy party.

Secret Agent Spy Boy Tween 11th Birthday Party Activity Planning Ideas

Titles for D3 Secret Agent VBS 2014 rotation sites. Looks like I'll be using some computer decorations!

VBS 2014 - Lifeway's AgencyD3 - FOOD

Helicopter Ceiling Fan wall decal by

Pop Secret snacks

VBS 2014 - Decorating for Missions

Trusses made from gray bed sheet and permanent markers.

Revolution Kids June 2014 theme - mission:possible

Light towers made out of air filters. Could be done with a PVC frame and using wax paper, or one of those giant rolls of butcher's paper that schools use. Looks like they used a par can for lighting, but RGBA LED would be sweet so you could strobe colors or even do some pulse effects .

spy theme decorations

Stay at Home Territory: A Secret Agent Seventh Birthday Party

I like this idea for dismissal time only. Kids will have to walk thru with their adult and show"security officers" their matching bands.

VBS Agency D3 Evidence Vault Decoration: I used a paper plate, toilet paper rolls, two sided tape, and aluminum foil!!

vbs spy decorations - Bing Images