GPOYW: First modeling shoot ever edition! The beginning of the year of course got me thinking about beginnings in general, so I figured I’d throw in a shot from my first portfolio-building modeling shoot. I look so young! Check out the short hair! xoxo, Mandie Photographer: Heather McManamy Model/Hair/MU: Me!

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Here I am, after hugging a 17-year-old boy for two hours for a Diamond Nexus catalogue!

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I finally looked up what “GPOYW” was, and found that it is “Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday.” Perfect timing, because this shot has come up in conversation a couple times within the last week, and has been on my mind lately. Despite the fact that the trip and shoot itself were pretty close to a disaster, it is one of my favorites, and is one of my first published images. Funny thing is, I didn’t even know that it was going to be published, and was paging

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The blog "Fuck yeah blondes" blogged this pic of me! Photographer: William Lords Hair & Makeup: Todd Homme *RIP* Wardrobe: Tia Lyn Lingerie

GPOYW: Just an old pic I like… Model/Hair/Makeup: Me! Photographer: David Birdsong

31 Days of Thankful, Day 23 Today I am thankful for a couple things… First of all (in no particular order), I am thankful for chocolate. I just had a turtle for dessert, and it was divine. Chocolate really can change my mood from bad to good, good to great, etc! The picture above (a delayed #GPOYW?) is a picture of me enjoying a piece of chocolate… Well, I guess “enjoying” is being used pretty liberally here, since the photographer asked me to smear it on my face! Sec

Hair: Me Makeup: Hate to say it, but I don’t remember. Someone the photographer hired in Vegas. Photographer: Jerome Hamilton xoxo, Mandie

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GPOYW “It’s cold outside” edition. It has been snowing a lot, but not enough for us to get a snow day. This couple inches here and there is pretty, but annoying. Sometime soon, can we please get a good foot, right at around 6am? I want to stay home and cuddle and read and sleep, so I can get over this brutal cold! xoxo, Mandie P.S. Picture by Gibson Bathrick sometime last year in a park in Milwaukee. I did my own makeup and hair… Nothing exciting, though. =)

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