5 // Hiromura Signage

Hiromura Design Office (Tokyo, Japan) “Signage systems do not exist by themselves; therefore they have to be integrated with graphic, interior, architectural, product and fashion design.


'no - yes' motel, jeffrey city, wyoming. outskirts of the former uranium mining town of jeffrey city, wyoming

by dopeshirt

black and white, graphic design, poster, typography - Telling a story about New York City

'B for bicycle' street art by Peter Drew

'B for bicycle' street art by Peter Drew "B" is also for Barbara! What a pretty "B"!

BikeNYC - via Mother NY

Agency Mother New York did a excellent job with this campaign for BikeNYC, the portal for all things bicycling in New York City. The campaign is launched in order to stay ahead of the debate on the upcoming bike share program (Citi Bike) in New York City.


Californian artist Pae White at Peckham’s South London Gallery with an installation made up of a 48 kilometre network of threads. Typography where art and design cross over to create typographic art installation


Maud window, signage on shop window, window decals, branding, typography


Font is gorge! The sign at the Time Deli in San Jose, formerly the Time Market, which was a local independent grocery for many years.


I couldn’t resist reposting this from Twenty Six types. The bold colours and composition are so striking. The photo was taken at the Freemont Street Experience, Las Vegas. Veee Man Great composition and color in this photo.