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healthy food

Do you have 12 spare minutes a day? That's all these workouts take. 12 minutes. Plus, Lisa does them with you, in real-time! How cool is that? Check it out, I dare you.

The 25 Golden Rules of Running. I found this very interesting!

7 Day Ab hurts!

  • Christina Bussell-Posey
    Christina Bussell-Posey

    Thats kinda gross! Looks like a dudes stomach!! Just sayin!

  • Mandi Byer
    Mandi Byer

    I don't want to totally look like this but I would LOVE a flatter tummy.

Brit workout from her prime back in 2001! You may not like her music but there is no denying she didnt have a banging body!

Tip yourself $1 each time you workout and after every 100 workouts, treat yourself to something

I used to be able to do 100 reps of each kind of sit-up. USE TO......


You want to know the secret? This is it.

do it

exercises to get rid of fat under the belly button

5 Quick Exercises for Flatter Abs....more like killer ab-ercises!

Plank variations

Weight training before Cardio for Weightloss

workout plan

she would scare me to death, but it's be worth it

The Best Abs Exercises of All Time

7Post preggo belly-exercises for the fat under your belly button! - I almost pinned this under "makes me laugh"

Why didn't I know about this?! Links to workouts (p90x, zumba, and insanity) streamed for free.


15 min belly blasting workout - Every woman can end up with a belly pooch due to underworked lower abdominal muscles. This workout will tap into the deep abdominal muscles—the transverse abdominis—that pull in your waistline like a corset. Do these moves one after another with no rest in between. Then repeat the circuit so you're performing it a total of two times.

  • Bonnie Rowland
    Bonnie Rowland

    I think #15 would make me fall over!!

Exercises for the Fat Under the Belly of the hardest spots to target!

Repeat this cycle 2x right when you wake up in the morning :) 50 jumping jacks 5 pushups 20 sit ups 20 mountain climbers 30 second plank 7 burbees I am going to do this!

why didn't I know about this?! Links to workouts (p90x, zumba, and insanity) streamed for free.