Emergency Preparedness tips

Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

This has information about: letters to kids in case of emergencies, family emergency plans, what to pack in an emergency kit

Tin by Tin organization

Love this, I envision some Washi Tape and a sharpie to make faux-calligraphy. If only I had a desk drawer. Organize all the little things you need with altoids tins. Perfect for a desk drawer.

Pull Down Spice Rack in the Medicine Cabinet. This has to be one of the best ideas ever!

Best Way to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Pull Down Spice Rack in the Medicine Cabinet - GENIUS. Would be good for our spice cabinet instead of medicine but regardless great idea

72 hour kits

72 hr kits in 1 gallon plastic containers.--both boys need to make emergency kits for their Emergency Prep merit badge--guess what we will be making next weekend!

Office area

Ideas for Strategic Organization & Storage

Homework Center-- pottery barn filers Beautifully organized Family Command Center -- organize each child's school papers, artwork, homework assignments, and forms. TIP: Each week's end, go through each box; discard and file away as needed.

Live it . Love it . Make it.: Makers Month: Make it: Cable Cozy

Makers Month: Make it: Cable Cosy + free PDF download

Canned food storage flush with the wall

Cat Food Storage Idea: Not necessarily THIS version, but something to organizing them is going to be a good idea. Original pin stated: "Canned food storage flush with the wall - takes very little space. Cat food cans?

vaseline and cotton balls

Vaseline and cotton ball firestarters. They burn for quite a while and after a few days of sitting in the vaseline mixture they are water proof.

DIY First Aid Kit.  (This would be a wonderful gift for newlyweds...someone moving into their first place...or even as a Christmas gift)

25 Dorm Room Tips, Tricks and Hacks Every College Student Needs To Know

DIY First Aid Kit from a tackle box, very clever idea to have on hand for emergencies at home, in the car, at work or dorm room.

9 checklists to help you prepare for evacuation

Since a good portion of my state has had to evacuate this summer: 9 checklists to help you prepare for evacuation Great info and checklists to print, fill in and laminate. EVACUATION not evacution.

Great way to store cordless tools and battery chargers

Cordless Tool Station Woodworking Plan -- need to build this for all of our stuff. great to store batteries and charging stations, too!

52 week food storage purchasing plan

52 Week Food Storage Purchasing Plan Prepping - Homesteading and Prepping - Doomsday Preppers

children's closet pharmacy #organization

Linen Closet Organization and Closet Pharmacy

Linen Closet Organization and a Peek at My Closet Pharmacy - Great ideas on how to store and keep medicines/pharmacy items hidden yet completely functional and…